Day 4

The puzzle is almost done but I’m about to loose my mind. Ive been super frustrated with the smallest of things and the biggest of things. It was a long day for my daughter and I at her dr and due to my own personal withdraws, almost lost it in the dr’s direction. I think he knew i meant business though when we talked, Im usually pretty passive towards him.
Then we make it to pharmacy after being at the dr office for 3 friggin hours, she pulls out a BIG nono, and i loose it. Day done. But i have yet to pull out a smoke. It does make for one hell of a stress overload though. At this point i couldnt wait for hubby to get home.
He did, all smiles with dinner. I managed the kid into the tub before he got home and her a snack, but she still ate! It seemed like the day melted away when he got home and i dont need those foul cigarettes anymore. I still crave them like nothing else and it messed up my whole day. I didnt get my first breathing treatment until 5 because i was so overly distracted by the urge.
Day is almost done and the damned dollar store puzzle still isnt done! Im so mad. It should have been an easy one!

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